Hi 👋 I'm Logan!

10 year photo hobbyist, 6 year professional

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I became a photographer by accident. Going on family trips when I was young, my parents would always bring a top-of-the-line point & shoot camera (or at least what I considered a top-of-the-line at the time camera, meaning that it was just “a” camera) with them. Interestingly, they would hardly use it, and would then pass it down to me. “Here ya go, Logan. Maybe you’ll enjoy using it.” Little did they know that would be my photographic origin story.

Photography has taken me all over the world, in an attempt to capture some the world's most beautiful places. I even started a podcast, with Brooke Garrison "The Zooming In Podcast" (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-zooming-in-podcast/id1488324388). Even thought we only made it 24 episodes, it was a fun project because we both really enjoy podcasts!

In October 2021, I created my first ever wedding video (see it below). I have been doing video longer than photography, and after a few wedding photography opportunities, I stepped into the world of wedding film!

My First Wedding Video

Thank you so much Jon and Brogan, for taking a chance on me and letting me video your special day :)

Behind the Scenes

Josh Gross (an awesome videographer) followed me around and captured what it's like to do a portrait session with me!